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Hoi An's greatest treasure lies in the way it takes its visitors backwards in time to eras that usually exist only in the far reaches of the imagination.

Tailor Made Holidays to Hoi An

At Travel Concierge, we pride ourselves on tailoring holidays to Hoi An that are designed around your needs and expectations and not ours. We have a range of Hoi An holiday offers that we have negotiated special or exclusive deals on. We can also arrange multi centre Hoi An holiday itineraries as well as tours and excursions in Hoi An. For more information on our Hoi An holidays, call an Travel Concierge tailor-made expert on 0161 729 0099 and speak to one of our reservation experts who will be able to help you plan the perfect holiday in Hoi An.

Destination Overview

In many ways, the whole of Vietnam revolves around the delightful and ancient town of Hoi An.

UNESCO gave its salute to its cultural history by crowning it a world heritage site in the late Nineties. It was first founded on its lucrative fishing industry, yet trading ancestors left few descendents behind. Instead, the tiny town reveals its history through its ancient architecture, which offers a unique blend of Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese styles. It has built its reputation through its perfectly preserved pagodas and temples, which portray an authentic vision of the past that enlivens historical tourism today. Its contemporary reputation is built in quite a different way: It is world renowned for its gifted tailors, who are visited by international fashionistas in need of the perfect suit. Holidays to Hoi An, Vietnam happen at a sluggish pace—it seems impossible not to become enraptured by the sedate serenity that engulfs local lifestyles and personalities. Hoi An's greatest treasure lies in the way it takes its visitors backwards in time to eras that usually exist only in the far reaches of the imagination. The little known Sa Huynh were the prehistoric residents of the town during the bronze age. Eastern mariners followed, setting up a kingdom founded on oceanic and river trade.

It's only natural to take in your Hoi An, Vietnam Holiday on foot by ambling along the narrow lanes of the residential area. Unique wooden homes are some of the most well preserved examples of 19th and 20th century architecture. The town's heritage goes back even further into the 2nd century BC when the Thu Bon River acted as a central point for the expansion of the Sa Huyne people. The best way to get a taste of the town's most ancient culture is by taking to the river by bamboo basket fishing boat. Those more interested in ecology than history will prefer getting to know the locals and natural landscapes settled along the banks. Explorers who have their sights set on more luxurious pastimes will find that the river caters for every fancy through its cuisine, which is prepared and eaten on the boats themselves. The guides are renowned for their entertaining stories, which are always dished up with a generous dose of humour.

For the average tourist, a holiday to Hoi An, Vietnam needs to come with sites, adventures and shopping. The town isn't shy to demonstrate its modern amenities, which are found in its boutique resorts. Adventurous spirits spice up their holidays in Hoi An, Vietnam by cycling along its outskirts on mountain bikes. Tra Que, which lies along the town's boundaries, is ideal for camera-wielding travellers wanting to participate in the town's most profound cultural experiences. Cooking classes show you how to achieve that delectable Vietnamese flavour, but lazier eaters can find readily prepared Quang noodles and spring rolls from village vendors. It is also possible to spend the day with local farmers, who will introduce you to their daily lifestyles in living colour. Spend the night emptying your wallet at the night market, where traders offer souvenirs and food samples. The vividly dyed silk lanterns on display light up the night, transforming the zone into a Technicolour wonderland. Trend setters don't dare leave the grounds without rummaging through the fine silk, chiffon and lace on sale, which is quickly converted into the garment of your choice by the skilled tailors on site.

The Marble Mountains offer one of Hoi An, Vietnam holidays' more profound experiences. Five massive hills representing five spiritual elements guard a series of caves and grottoes that hide Buddhist temples and sculptures within. The site has become a popular pilgrimage for spiritual seekers, who usually climb to the apex of the Mountain of Water. This  staircase leads to Tam Quan Gate. After a tough day of climbing, China Beach offers a quiescent spot where you can satisfy your hunger and rest your weary legs. The Quan Cong temple is a stellar example of authentic Chinese architecture. It was built in honour of a general who was often prayed to by merchants. Ponds and statues ordain the red and gold palettes of the pagodas.

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When to visit Hoi An

Hoi An

Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Hoi An? Give the team of experts at Travel Concierge a call and we will help you plan your Hoi An holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Hoi An holiday search tool will allow you to search for Hoi An holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Hoi An for 2022 and 2023. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Hoi An holiday based on Hoi An weather, special events in Hoi An or even when the crowds in Hoi An are at their lowest.

Hoi An

Your spring holiday in Hoi An, Vietnam will be warm and dry, which makes it a popular season for travellers.

Your spring holiday in Hoi An, Vietnam will be warm and dry, which makes it a popular season for travellers. The tropical climate is reasonably sedate, with midsummer temperatures rising to a maximum of 33 degrees Celsius. Between February and August, the summer brings humidity down to comfortable levels. Monsoon season arrives in September and ends in December. Rains are often heavy, and flooding is common in October and November. Every month, the locals celebrate full moon festival, which fills the streets with cultural dancing, music and cuisine. Silk lanterns are carried through the streets, turning the town into a lively and colourful spectacle. For this reason, visitors try to reach their Hoi An, Vietnam hotels by the 14th of any month so that they can participate in the festivities.

Tet celebrations bring much of Hoi An to life. Crammed streets and fully booked hotels make Vietnamese New Year a time travellers either love or hate. Between January and February, the town is draped in traditional hues. Lion dances and fireworks bring an atmospheric liveliness to the village. Tourists and locals design installations inspired by the town's eclectic lanterns as part of an annual competition. Paper boats carrying candles are set adrift along the river, and chess champions are set against one another in a more cerebral contest. Game tournaments, fashion shows and live music all play their part in making the celebration a vivacious one.

Many of the premier hotels in Hoi An, Vietnam are settled along the coastline, offering vistas of sparkling turquoise waters set against vivid white sands. Palm trees and beachside bars turn the town into a tropical paradise that demands attention during the summer months. Water clarity is at its best when monsoons are absent, making March to August spectacular times for scuba diving. Hoi An is, however, better know for its jet skiing, wind surfing and body boarding. Non Nuoc beach offers all the swells and amenities a surfer needs from four star resorts to beach side bars. Quieter tourists book into a Hoi An, Vietnam hotel at the pristine Cua Dai beach, which offers island vistas and snack stalls that are best visited on week days when the coast is deserted. Kayaking and off road biking is popular at Bac My An Beach north of Hoi An. Monkey Mountain has its own vibrant reef, which attracts tropical fish below sea level and red mouth monkeys above it.

The winter months become surprisingly chilly in the village, and torrential downpours sometimes keep you trapped in your Hotel in Hoi An, Vietnam for entire days. A subset of travellers nonetheless chooses the icier months to visit because of the comfier weather. When planning a holiday between September and December, your itinerary should be tailored for plenty of indoor destinations. Foodies adore the cold months for their gastronomic travels, since appetites soar and downpours add to the snug cosiness of restaurant interiors. Casa Verde offers a riverside treat inspired by Vietnamese and European cuisine. Sleepy Gecko offers a laid back hide out away from crowds. Dedicated gastronomes can tailor their entire trip around cuisine on Hoi An food tours. No food source is ignored, so the trip includes the humblest of street food vendors and the most luxurious of restaurants. It is through modest market stalls that you are allowed to sample recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Top Attractions

You haven't been to a destination until you have seen its most famous attractions! The team at Travel Concierge have put together our recommendations of some of the top attractions in Hoi An. If you are looking for advice about the attactions you should visit during your holiday in Hoi An, give one of our tailor made holiday experts a call on 0161 729 0099