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One of the main reminders of Hue's historical significance is the Imperial City- Inspired by Beijing's Forbidden City

Tailor Made Holidays to Hue

At Travel Concierge, we pride ourselves on tailoring holidays to Hue that are designed around your needs and expectations and not ours. We have a range of Hue holiday offers that we have negotiated special or exclusive deals on. We can also arrange multi centre Hue holiday itineraries as well as tours and excursions in Hue. For more information on our Hue holidays, call an Travel Concierge tailor-made expert on 0161 729 0099 and speak to one of our reservation experts who will be able to help you plan the perfect holiday in Hue.

Destination Overview

There are very few cities in the world that are of as historical significance as the central Vietnamese city of Hue.

A city that links Vietnam's grand past with its promising present, Hue was the ancient capital of the Nguyen Dynasty in the 19th century. As a result, the city was once home to some magnificent pagodas, tombs, and other brilliant architectural marvels. A lot of these structures in Hue's countryside were ruined damaged the Vietnam War as some really intense battles took place in the city of Hue. Fortunately, the relics were not completely destroyed and now serve as Hue's main tourist attractions. Are they enough to make you consider a holiday to Hue? Let us find out.

Hue was founded as the capital of Vietnam in 1802 and retained its position till 1945. One of the main reminders of Hue's historical significance is the Imperial City. Inspired by Beijing's Forbidden City, the Imperial City is a complex of monuments that once served as the home to members of the Nguyen Dynasty. Though the Vietnam War had left some of the magnificent structures in danger of being completely destroyed, they have subsequently been restored. During your Hue Holiday you will also come across centuries-old pagodas, shrines, a library, and multiple royal tombs. Chief among the royal tombs are the tombs of Emperor Minh Mang and Emperor Tu Duc. The Ngo Mon Gate of the imperial city which once was exclusively used by the royal family and their servants is another impressive monument. The museum inside one of the old buildings has exhibits depicting the near two-century reign of the Nguyen Dynasty. The entire site, located on the banks of the Huong River is simply stunning and a must visit during your holiday in Hue.

Hue holidays are not just about medieval monuments. 40 kilometers away from Hue is the Bach Ma Nature Park, a paradise for nature-lovers. Situated in the Annamite Range, Bach Ma National Park covers an area of about 37,487 hectares. The park is renowned for its biodiversity to the point that it is often referred to as "The Centre of flora diversity in Vietnam". Bach Ma Nature Park is also home to Sao La, a kind of antelope that ranks among the rarest mammals on Earth. Bach Ma offers a whole range of activities for tourists on holiday in Hue. You can go trekking through the thick vegetation, camp in the jungle or simply wander through it and take in the beauty of all of Bach Ma's flora and fauna. The Do Quyen Fall allows you the unique opportunity to abseil down the steep fall or go swimming in the pool below. Holidays in Hue are a real treat for birdwatchers – the Bach Ma National Park is home to over 358 species of birds, many of which can only be found in this region.

The Van Canh Hill is just 7 kilometers from Hue's center. On the base of the Perfume River, the 43 meter high hill provides a magnificent view of the tombs that are near to the hill and the city of Hue itself.  Some of the tombs in the surrounding area are of Dong Khanh's, Thieu Tri's, and those of several Queens. The Hon Chen Temple, where the locals worship Y-A-Na Goddess and Lieu Hanh Goddess, is on the opposite side. The villages on the bank of the river, such as Huong Ho and Hai Ca with their fruit gardens, are well worth a visit during your Hue holiday in Vietnam. You can get to Van Canh Hill by bike or car. Once you get there, it is recommended you see the sunset over the Perfume River- it is a sight you will never forget.

The most famous of Hue's pagodas is the Thien Mu Pagoda. Built in 1844, it features golden images of Buddha at its base, along with a big bell cast made in 1710, and a stone turtle holding a marble stele inscribed in the 17th century. The Temple of Literature lies close to the Imperial City. The temple is in honor of Confucius and his beliefs. On the banks of the Perfume River, the temple was built in 1908 and has undergone several restorations since then. The temple is beautiful and you will be left in awe by the brilliance of its architecture. The Voi Re Temple, Trieu Mieu, Hung Mieu, and Thai Mieu are other popular places of worship in Hue.

Hue Holidays may not offer much nightlife, but this is more than compensated for with its delicious food. In the era of Kings, the best chefs from all over the country used to come to Hue. While that may no longer be the case, the arrival of chefs from different regions in the past has given rise to a cuisine that is a mix of many kinds of flavors, spices, and textures. Hue cuisine was once referred to as the food of the Kings and while the kings may be long gone, the food has remained. Head over to restaurants such as the Lac Thien Restaurant to try Hue cuisine. If you do not find it to your liking, which is unlikely, restaurants like the excellent Mandarin Café serve a wide range of cuisines.

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When to visit Hue


Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Hue? Give the team of experts at Travel Concierge a call and we will help you plan your Hue holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Hue holiday search tool will allow you to search for Hue holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Hue for 2022 and 2023. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Hue holiday based on Hue weather, special events in Hue or even when the crowds in Hue are at their lowest.


Hue, much like the rest of Vietnam, has a tropical climate and so has two distinct seasons, the dry season and the rainy season.

The most important thing you have to keep in mind before planning a holidays to Hue is that Vietnam receives a lot of rain throughout the year. Thus, any travels you may make to the country have to be planned around the months which see the most rainfall. So, which are the months best avoided and which have the perfect conditions for a Hue holiday?

August marks the start of the rainy season which them comes to an end in January. Although the weather remains cool and comfortable during the rainy season with an average temperature near 20 degrees, the constant heavy rainfall makes the rainy season unsuitable for travel. Almost all the rain that Hue receives during the year falls during these few months, with October being the wettest month of the year. If you are willing to risk rain ruining your holiday plans, then ticket prices are usually lower during this time of the year and hotels are easily available.

Things really do start to heat up during the dry season which stretches from March to August. In spite of the high temperatures which can go as high up as 40 degrees, the dry season is undoubtedly the best time for holidays in Hue. Temperatures tend to be cooler between March and April. As a result, this tends to be the peak season with higher ticket prices and booked hotels. So, if you do plan to go on a holiday in Hue, remember to book everything well in advance. Also, keep in mind that the dry season does not completely rule out the chances of rain ruining your trip. But, rain is less infrequent during this time, thus making way for sunnier days. 

Top Attractions

You haven't been to a destination until you have seen its most famous attractions! The team at Travel Concierge have put together our recommendations of some of the top attractions in Hue. If you are looking for advice about the attactions you should visit during your holiday in Hue, give one of our tailor made holiday experts a call on 0161 729 0099