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Tours and Tailor Made Holidays to

Phan Thiet

  • CURRENCY Vietnamese Dong
  • LANGUAGE Vietnamese
  • FLYING TIME 12 hrs 20 mins
  • AIRLINE Vietnam Airlines

A traditional fishing village and haven for seafood lovers

Tailor Made Holidays to Phan Thiet

At Travel Concierge, we pride ourselves on tailoring holidays to Phan Thiet that are designed around your needs and expectations and not ours. We have a range of Phan Thiet holiday offers that we have negotiated special or exclusive deals on. We can also arrange multi centre Phan Thiet holiday itineraries as well as tours and excursions in Phan Thiet. For more information on our Phan Thiet holidays, call an Travel Concierge tailor-made expert on 0161 729 0099 and speak to one of our reservation experts who will be able to help you plan the perfect holiday in Phan Thiet.

Destination Overview

The landscape of southern Vietnam is a source of endless fascination, with its wide variety of scenery dominated by endless beaches. In the Phan Thiet, visitors can indulge in a tropical forest, fascinating sand dunes, spectacular beaches, a gorgeous harbour and ancient buildings like the Van Thuy Tu Temple and the Hindu Cham towers. All these make for unique opportunities to explore the area and beyond during a holiday in South Coast and Islands Vietnam.

 A traditional fishing village and haven for seafood lovers, Phan Thiet does not however limit its dining options to seafood. There are numerous restaurants serving a variety of traditional Vietnamese dishes among other Asian cuisines. In addition to the food, the harbour is also famous for its delightful views of dozens of colourful fishing boats moored there. For such a small town, Phan Thiet offers enough nightlife entertainment to keep the boredom at bay. Popular hangouts include bars with lively music and pool tables.

It is during holidays in South Coast and Islands Vietnam that visitors can witness the colour of real life against the backdrop of a picturesque rural setting. A trip to the heart of Vietnam will reveal old architecture, historical sites and the colourful cultures of the region. Combine this with the cacophony of life that constitutes modernity and you end up with a region worthy of a trip. Here, travellers also have more opportunities to understand the traditions and cultures of Vietnam. Maximum pleasure is to be had while sailing along the coastline as you experience the beautiful countryside. A lasting impression awaits as you will not be able to stop admiring the fascinating mountains, markets, little islands with tropical fruits and traditional music shows. Enjoy a glimpse into the daily life of the locals, or simply relax on the splendid beaches. A tour of the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam will satisfy your passion for travel.

When to visit Phan Thiet

Phan Thiet

Do you need inspiration for when to go on holiday to Phan Thiet? Give the team of experts at Travel Concierge a call and we will help you plan your Phan Thiet holiday at the best time of year for your requirements. Although our Phan Thiet holiday search tool will allow you to search for Phan Thiet holiday prices upto 11 months in advance, we can also price holidays to Phan Thiet for 2022 and 2023. We can advise on the best time to travel on your Phan Thiet holiday based on Phan Thiet weather, special events in Phan Thiet or even when the crowds in Phan Thiet are at their lowest.

Phan Thiet

When deciding on the best time to visit the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam, consider the country’s tropical monsoon climate. Vietnam’s monsoonal season offers unique weather patterns that give each season of the year an advantage.

That said, temperatures in the south of the country remain relatively equal all year round without any distinct seasonal variations. This favourable climate offers the perfect backdrop for a variety of festivals including the Nui Ba Spring Festival, the Duc Chi Ton Great Ceremony and the Tam Vu Foods Festival. The months of June to August offer the best time for a pleasant escape into the hills during your holiday to Vietnam.

Wintertime in the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam is characterized by warm and dry weather. As with other places all over the country, the period between January and March also witnesses the most colourful festivals such as the Tet festival. Heading towards March, the weather in the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam begins to get warmer as the intensity of festivals lessens and the volume of domestic and international tourists on a Vietnam holiday begins its steady decline.

Springtime in the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam remains an unpredictable time with the seasons changing from spring to summer. Spring at the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam is characterized by hot and dry weather from March to May. The pleasant weather of spring makes up for the lack of many festivals and events. Visitors on a tour in Vietnam can join in on the April 30th festivities that mark the Reunification of North and South Vietnam.

From the month of June to early September, the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam record a high volume of domestic tourists with popular spots seeing lines of travellers. In terms of climate, summer at the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam is characterized by hot and wet weather. This is an ideal climate for sun and beach lovers on a Vietnam tour of the region which has the golden sun shining from 7am to 7pm.

The season of autumn is a golden time to visit the South Coast and Islands of Vietnam with its clear skies and gentle winds. Be sure to soak up as much of the tropical climate as you can before moving into December with its drop in temperature. The dry air of the season makes for enjoyable strolling or walking, so do wander around the towns and islands in southern Vietnam and let them charm you.